• Once again we come to the close of another year and it is time to review my best pictures of 2016.  The picture above was taken in Autumn at Dundee Falls in Beach City Ohio.  I love the contrast of the colored leaves with the colors of the water.

    In the Spring, I started seeing Osprey flying around and had the chance to take pictures of some. This one is from down in the Columbus Ohio area and has a small fish in it’s talons.  If you would like to read more about the Osprey click here.

    This summer was a great time to photograph wildflowers.  I was out in state parks, along roads, and in the rear of parking lots with my camera and tripod.  The daisies above were along a roadside. The yellow flower bloom was taken in a parking area.  It is about 1/2 inch in diameter and grows approximately 6 inches of the ground.  To read more about taking pictures of wildflowers click here.

    One evening while playing around with purple cone-flower, I decided to challenge myself with chasing a bee from bloom to bloom.  For some tips on getting pictures of bees, click here.

    In October I had the chance to visit a wildlife rehabilitation facility called Back to the Wild which is near Sandusky Ohio. They had several wild birds that cannot be released back into the wild because of injuries, so they allow photography groups to come and photograph the birds close-up while sitting on natural perches. The two owls above are the Barn Owl on top and the Barred Owl on the bottom.  To read and see more of Back to the Wild click here.

    My wife and I made another trip to Presque Isle State Park.  The image above is one of the sunsets we encountered from Beach 1.

    To finish out this year my wife and I also went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side for a few days.  One morning I woke up early and walked down to take sunrise pictures.  Cloud cover moved in before the sun rose but I still like the two pictures above.  The top image is the Horseshoe Falls and the bottom image is looking at the American Falls.

    I did create other pictures through out the year, but these are the best.





    Great collection for the year, Brian. I'm most drawn to the photos of the flowers and the bumble bee. Great emphasis on the subject, nice background, beautiful lighting. Looks like you had a great 2016, and here's to 2017!


    Todd, Thank you for taking the time to send me your comment. You have a great 2017! Brian Snyder www.briansnyderphotogaphy.com bsnyderphotography@yahoo.com


    Wonderful set of photos Brian. Have a great 2017!


    Thank you Jim. You and your family have a great 2017 also.