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    Every Autumn the deciduous trees in mid to late October turn bright colors in the Ohio. Sometimes it can make a photographer’s head spin trying to decide what to photograph. But first we need to slow down and look for an interesting subject and composition.

    After finding the perfect subject, there can be a few things to help make the colors look better:

    1) Increase the saturation at the time of capture with your camera.

    • Using a polarizing filter placed in front of the lens.
    • If shooting JPEG, you can change your camera setting in the menus by adding saturation when the file is processed in the camera.

    2) Photograph the leaves back lit, with the sun primarily lighting them from behind.

    3) Take your pictures shortly after early morning dew or rain. Wet leaves make the colors look more saturated.

    4) Photograph the leaves without direct sunlight on them, whether in shade or overcast day.

    I hope these few tips will help your Autumn colored leaves turn out better this year. Any comments or questions can be posted in the Comment section below.