• Have you ever visited a beach at an ocean or lake and saw white birds taking flight?  More than likely those were gulls of some variety looking for an easy meal.

    While visiting Clearwater Beach Florida, I had the opportunity to take some portraits of Laughing Gulls and Ring-billed Gulls on the beach.  Being accustomed to humans at the beach, the shorebirds let me get fairly close.


    Here are a few tips to consider when capturing your own pictures of gulls standing on a beach area:

    • When you find a bird that you would like to take its portrait, do not stare at the subject but move towards it as if scanning away, looking for something else. When you get close, then slowly pan towards the gull, setting up your composition.
    • Be sure your shutter speed is fast enough to stop any motion from you or the bird.
    • Get down low near the gull’s level by kneeling or lying in the sand. This gives you a better perspective than just standing, plus you are less intimidating down at the bird’s level.
    • Use a fairly wide open aperture to limit your depth-of-field. This helps the bird be in focus but keeps the background blurred.


    Have additional tips for taking pictures of shorebirds? Please leave them in the comment section below.