• About Me

    I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and have had a love of the outdoors since childhood. In high school I began taking pictures as a sophomore at Marlington High School with the guidance and instruction of Tim Gross. By my junior year, I was taking pictures for the Scenario, the Marlington High School yearbook. During my senior year, I was not only the Scenario’s photographer but the editor as well.

    After graduating from Marlington in 1982, I went on to earn my associate’s degree in photography and multimedia through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I married in 1985 and, with my wife Tina, raised two children. During that time photography took a back-burner for a bit, but now that love has resurfaced and I am back to doing photography.

    My focus is primarily on nature and outdoor themes, but I also capture fascinating wildlife that I encounter. Brian Snyder Photography desires to “share the light of the world” through the medium of fine art photography. We are a creative business specializing in nature, landscape, macro, and outdoor subjects. I love sharing this beautiful world God created.

    In the fall of 2014, I had the opportunity to display pictures of Walborn Reservoir at Stark Park’s Exploration Gateway for three months. This was a four-year project  where I captured all four seasons of Walborn Reservoir. I write a blog and share photographs regularly on Google+, and Facebook. There are also galleries that can be viewed with samples of my work. I am available to speak at club events and do one-on-one or group teaching. My artwork is available for purchase at Fine Art America. Please click here if interested in contacting me.  



  • In 2016 I was contacted by an author to supply a few pictures in a book called "She Sheds, A Room of Your Own" and in January of 2017 the book was released for sale to the public.