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    Typically at this time of year a lot of men, and some women, are getting ready for hunting season.  In Ohio, that means deer!  People start preparing their guns, bows, tree stands, and camouflage clothing for the big day.

    As photographers, we also are on the hunt for those colorful scenes with autumn leaves.  Being that I love creating images of waterfalls, I decided to go hunting for a waterfall that I visited several years ago in the summer to capture pictures of the area with the leaves turning colors.


    Dundee Falls is part of the Beach City Wildlife Area near the towns of Beach City and Dundee in the Ohio Amish area.  The waterfall is about 15 feet tall with the creek running through a sandstone gorge.  This place is starting to become more popular so I arrived just after 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning to find the sun had not come to a position yet to brightly shine on the falls.


    My preference is for the waterfall to be in the shade so I can use a fairly slow shutter-speed, making the water appear silky.  Also, upon arriving, I noticed a pile of rotating leaves at the bottom of the falls and decided to create a swirl of color in a few compositions of the falls.


    Just because I went hunting for Dundee Falls does not mean I did not keep my eye open for other scenes.  Below you will see a couple different scenes at the top of the waterfall.



    One thing that I always do when out in the woods during deer season is wear an orange safety vest.  The safety vest is for my protection in case I happen to be in a hunting area so that I do not get mistaken for an animal.

    So where in your area do you go hunting for your autumn pictures?  You can leave your answer in the comment section below.