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    Growing up as a child on my grandparent’s farm, I would often come across bees.  I remember a time that I was actually chased by some bees across the yard.  Eventually they caught me and I ended up with a few stings.  When I ran into the house to grandma, she made a paste of baking soda with water to put on the spots where I was stung.  Since then I have become somewhat comfortable with bees.  As man of the house, my kids would call me to handle any bees that they came across.

    The term “as busy as a bee” usually means that a person is extremely busy with things at work and in life.  If you just sit near a bunch of flowers and watch as a bee buzzes around collecting pollen and nectar, you will see that a bee really does not stop very long but just keeps moving.


    A few weeks ago I was out to get pictures of purple coneflower and saw a bee visiting, so I followed him around from flower to flower and sometimes watched him dance around the same bloom as he collected nectar.  Wow, what a chore for me to take pictures with my 100mm macro lens.


    Here are a few tips to help with taking a picture of a bee at work:

    • Use a macro lens or close-up filters to magnify the bee in the image.
    • Telephoto macro lens will help keep a distance between you and the bee. This helps you to not spook the bee off and prevents you from getting stung because the bee feels threatened.
    • Use a wide aperture to help keep the background out of focus.
    • If needed, bump up your ISO to get sufficient shutter speed.
    • Make sure your shutter speed is fast enough to stop the bee’s body movement.
    • Try to take your picture when you anticipate a sudden decrease in the action.
    • You may need to auto focus because of the constant movement of the bee around the blooms.

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    With these tips in mind, you should be able to successfully take pictures of bees doing their work on your flowers.

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