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    I can understand that not everyone wants to invest in a DSLR system or at least a macro lens. But, how often do you see flower pictures on a card or in a magazine and wonder why you cannot get yours looking like them?  The problem may be your equipment.

    I decided to take my wife’s Canon point and shoot and compare using its macro setting to my Pentax K3 with a macro dedicated lens.  Also I compared my DA* 60-250mm lens with using my macro 100mm lens.

    The pictures should help you to see the difference.  First is the picture with the Canon point and shoot in macro mode trying to get a great picture of the purple cone flower.  What is seen in the image below is that the background fairly clear, not allowing the flower to separate from the background.


    Next picture is using my DSLR with the 60-250mm zoom telephoto lens.  Being that my minimum focus distance is about 6 feet, I had trouble getting in close and the background once again is fairly sharp.


    Last image is using my DSLR with the 100mm macro lens.  Because a macro lens allows me to move closer for a minimum focus distance, I can get much closer than the zoom lens, and also have the background soft to separate the flower from the background.


    So to get the results similar to what we see on cards and in magazine, it is beneficial to have the correct equipment. Please posted any comments or questions in the Comment section below.