• Do You Have A Tablet In Your Arsenal?

    November 24, 2015 | Brian Snyder
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    Several years ago in high school, I believe my freshman year, I had an art class and in it we had to make a travel poster. I had always doodled and practiced drawing things, so because my family was going to Florida for vacation that year I decided to make a Disney travel poster. Taking brochures to school, I was able to copy different aspects of the brochures to create a collage of drawings. My teacher gave me an “A” on the drawing part of the project.

    After I got into digital photography and started playing around with Photoshop, certain things like making selections, seemed difficult using a computer mouse. My solution? To purchase a Wacom Bamboo tablet that uses a pen in place of the mouse.

    A few advantages to using a pen and tablet:

    • Reminds me of drawing on paper with a pen or pencil, not with a rock in my hand.
    • Easier to draw precise selections.
    • The pen helps relieve stress and injury to my hand.
    • No batteries needed because the tablet per USB cord provides power to the pen.
    • Precise positioning of screen to tablet. If pen is at top of tablet then the cursor is at the top of the screen. No picking up the mouse to readjust positioning.
    • Easier to add a signature as a watermark or on something.

    This devise is one thing that helped my photography processing go faster and get better. I chose the inexpensive, small Bamboo tablet to begin with and love the compact size. The small one will even travel well to work with laptops.

    Which size to get will depend on you and your budget, but check them out and see how it improves your photography. To look at what is available, you can check them out at Adorama.