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    The secret to creating an image with your camera that looks like what you see is take a proper exposure.

    The exposure is controlled by 3 things:

    1. ISO – Film speed or sensor sensitivity.

    2. Shutter speed – How quickly the film or sensor is exposed to the subject to create an image.

    3. Aperture – An apparatus inside the lens that opens and closes to adjust the amount of light entering into the camera body for the exposure.

    This is what some call The Exposure Triangle.  These three setting all work together to create your proper exposure and changing one of them can effect and change another adjustment if you are using your camera on a semi-automatic mode, like program, shutter priority, or aperture priority. When using Auto mode the camera makes the adjustments without your interaction.  Using the manual mode allows you to set each setting yourself allowing much more opportunity for creativity.

    The look of your image at capture can change by changing one of these adjustments on your camera while leaving the other two alone. Suppose your ISO is set to 100, shutter speed is set to 1/60, and the aperture is at f/8.0. You take an image and it looks too dark, to lighten it up adjust the shutter speed slower, like 1/30, allowing the sensor to expose for more time make the image brighter.

    I will explain these 3 settings in the next several posts for hopefully clearer understanding.