• You see some pretty flowers while taking a walk and decide to get your camera to capture a picture.  Taking the time to return, you focus up the lens and snap away.  Later at home, you look closely at the flower images to see nothing special that does not look like everyone else’s flower picture.


    Seems today with smart cameras, everyone is creating pictures of blooming flowers, but nothing stands out as unique. Below are a few things to consider that, when applied, can help your flower blooms be unique:

    • Consider the way the light is hitting the subject when you notice its beauty. Often, by the time we return with our camera, the light has changed and the picture will look different.
    • Be patient and look around for different angles. Start taking the usual shot, then try other positions and angles.

    • Start wide and then move closer, cropping out unnecessary things on the edges.


    • Vary your depth-of-field by varying your aperture opening.

    • Look closely for abnormal features to the bloom and then get close, focusing on the abnormality.

    • Use different lenses-telephoto, macro, and wide angle-for varying views.

    Be sure to come back after trying some of these suggestions and leave me a comment below about how this helped your flower pictures.