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    Have you ever taken a beautiful picture and wanted to hang it on your wall? You do not want to use a cheap discount store premade frame, but when inquire at a frame shop the cost is more than you want to spend. I felt that way when I decided to offer my pictures for sale at art shows, but was not sure if I could assemble frames myself. Now after assembling many metal frames to present my work I thought I would briefly show you how.

    1. Start by taking the picture and attaching it to a backboard, acid-free is preferred. I have used picture corners or also two-sided tape.
    2. Place mat with cutout on top of picture.
    3. Lay out frame parts and begin attaching three side at the corners using corner brackets.
    4. Clean and place glass in frame.
    5. Slide matted picture in frame on top of glass.
    6. Attach fourth side of frame to enclose matted picture and make sure corner bracket screws are snug.
    7. Place tension springs between frame and back of mount board to hold picture and glass to the front of the frame.
    8. Add hanging brackets to sides and tie hanging wire on securely.


    Now you have completely assembled a metal frame with your picture to hang on a wall for your enjoyment or for others to purchase and enjoy. There are many resources online for buying frames and hardware.