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    It is that time of year again when people are looking for gifts to get others.  As a photographer, I typically am looking for books, instructional material, and gear to put on my Christmas list.  If you are like me, I typically buy the gear and then have my wife Tina wrap up the box, either with the item within or empty.

    Well Adorama has many specials going on this week through November 29 offering great savings on camera lenses for many different brands.  Adorama has been a wonderful company to buy gear from over the years.  I remember seeing their ads in photography magazines in the late 1970’s when I started learning photography, meaning they have been around many years giving people great service.

    Since we all may be thinking of purchasing some new lens, why not see what Adorama specials they offer and if there is something you might want to purchase.  When you purchase from the link below, you are helping to support me and it costs you nothing extra. Happy shopping!

    Adorama Black Friday Lens Specials