• Have you ever been creating pictures outside when a rain shower creeps up on you?  I have and when I was in Alaska visiting Mendenhall Glacier, the atmosphere was raining down a steady drizzle upon me.  In times like these I appreciate having my Shutter Hat.


    The Shutter Hat is a rain jacket that goes over your camera and lens to protect it from rain.  I had mine on my camera hiking down the one mile trail in Alaska.  Even though Pentax makes their camera bodies fairly watertight, I did not want to take a chance of damaging my camera so far away from home.

    When I decided to buy a rain coat for my camera, I looked at several brands.  Many are really expensive for a rain cover and others are really cheap.  I looked at them all, read reviews, and considered just how much I would use the cover.  In the end I chose the Shutter Hat.  Are you in the market for a rain cover?  Click here to visit Adorama and check out their products.  They have a great selection and have given me great service on my purchases.

    Feel free to watch the video below to see me demonstrate the Shutter Hat.  Please posted any comments or questions in the Comment section below.