• Oben Tripod_080116_0007

    Just recently I purchased a new tripod.  It is an Oben CT-2491 carbon fiber tripod, and I have a short video to show it to you.  My previous tripod was a Manfrotto 3221 aluminum tripod that I purchased used when I bought my first DSLR.

    Here are several reasons I decided to get the CT-2491 carbon fiber tripod:

    • Light Weight – The aluminum tripod weighs around 6 lbs., but the Oben weighs 3.5 lbs.
    • Maximum Height – I use my tripod without extending the center column to add stability. My old tripod at full height made me stoop over at times, but the Oben tripod is plenty tall (as seen in the picture) so that I will not need to stoop over at full height.
    • Cost – Most carbon fiber tripods of good quality cost $500+ and I have been watching this model for a couple years. So when I saw the price drop by $200 I decided to take advantage of the savings.
    • Two Part Center Column – Most all manufacturers of tripods only produce a one piece center column, either long (which comes with the tripod legs) or short which costs extra. With Oben, the center column is two pieces connected and can come apart if you desire for no extra cost.

    Oben Tripod_080116_0001 This picture shows you the foot spike and the twist locks for extending the legs.

    Oben Tripod_080116_0003

    Here we see the lever to adjust each leg’s angle individually and a built in bubble lever.

    If you are in the market for a new carbon fiber tripod, take a look at the Oben line.  If you are tall, like I am, check out the CT-2491.  The Oben’s are currently only sold through B&H Photo, here is a link for you to have a look for yourself, Oben Tripod Link.

    Any comments or questions can be posted in the Comment section below.

    P.S. Here is an article if you need help you in buying a tripod, “6 Tips for Buying a Tripod.”