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    So what is Pandion haliaetus?  The North American Osprey!  I have had the opportunity to work at getting pictures of osprey recently.  There is a nest north out of the town I live in and a nest near Columbus, Ohio, that I have had access to start taking photographs.

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    The osprey is a hawk that loves being near the water because about 90% of their diet is fish.  They have been shown to catch a fish in nearly 12 minutes after leaving the nest to hunt.  The claws and pads of their feet are made well for catching fish with little barbs on the pads to keep the wet, slippery fish from slipping out.

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    Usually you can find osprey nests built on manmade structures or platforms but also on top of utility poles or light poles in close vicinity to water.  They typically hatch one brood of 1-4 eggs a year.

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    Markings of the osprey are brown on top and back with white being the color of their breast and bottom area.  The females have a more distinct brown ring around the neck than the male birds.  One way to recognize the osprey when flying is the “M” shape made by its wings when being viewed from below.

    Osprey on Greenbower Rd_042016_0087

    So as you are driving or out enjoying nature, be sure to check out the big birds flying overhead and see if they look like an osprey.  And if you can find a nest, take your camera out to see if you can get any pictures for yourself.

    If you would like to learn more about getting pictures of birds, check out the book offer for Photographing Birds: Art and Techniques.

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