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    Have you ever thought, “I wish I could learn from a National Geographic photographer.”  Well now you can and it is not that expensive.  Photographer Paul Nicklen is a National Geographic photographer that has come out with  a new book called “Photographing Wild” in which he shares 16 techniques to help you create more stunning pictures.

    David duChemin says “Photographers like to put subject matter into categories, so it would be easy to consider Paul’s new eBook, PHOTOGRAPHING WILD, Techniques of a National Geographic Photographer, a book only about wildlife photography. That would be a mistake. The book is written by a man who is deeply passionate about conservation issues, to be sure. And most of the photographs that so lavishly illustrate the book are made in places many of us will never be. Whether your subject is a bear or a human being, whales or street culture, visual storytelling is visual storytelling.”

    Watch the video below and consider purchasing the book which will help us all make more stunning images.

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