• Several weeks ago my wife Tina and I made a trip to Clearwater Beach Florida.  As a nature photographer we walked along Pier 60 first to see what there was to take pictures of before sunset.  Right off the bat we noticed all the birds on the pier and the beach.  After leaving the pier, we got our cameras and headed to the beach to photograph the birds.

    After some time chatting with people on the beach and taking pictures of birds I noticed this section of rippled patterns in the sand.

    Looking at how the light was shining (because light is what makes a picture), I picked out some sections where people did not walk across the ripples and zoomed in to create some artistic patterns.

    The next time you are visiting a beach area, I encourage you to look for some sand patterns and take the time to study how the light is effecting it, then try your hand at artistic sand pictures.