• Display with Brian_022314_0007The past several months I have been busy preparing to set up a display to sell my images. In mid December of last year I stopped in a store at the Carnation Mall in Alliance Ohio that sells art & craft items American made. The owner and I were discussing the different things she has for sale and I asked her about selling photography. She never had a photographer in her store selling images. A week later I took several images in for her to see what she thought and her reaction was definitely positive. She said for me to take my time thinking about the decision and let her know.


    After several weeks of my wife and I discussing this, I started a journey of many ideas about how to display and to what kind of media to sell my images on, meaning paper prints, canvas, acrylic, or other options. Finally, decided to mat and frame the images to sell and build displays similar to art shows.


    After months of finding suppliers, getting samples, and ordering in materials, I got busy over a 2 week period printing images, matting, and framing the art work. Finally packed up everything to go set up my display area. Selling through a consignment store is just one way for me to begin bringing in money for the business.

    Anybody else selling there work in stores? Leave a comment.