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    This is a continuation of April 28th post talking about my experience at art shows. This past Friday was much better than the Saturday before for selling and profit. We, my wife and I, only made 1 sale but it ended up being to large framed pictures to one couple. One picture was my Adam’s Falls and the other was my picture of tulips. Many people stopped by to view and talk about my work, but did not make any sales.

    Adam's Falls Ricketts Glen_061314_0162   Tulips_041210_0403_1

    One gentleman stopped by to tell me he sold artwork and started looking over my pictures telling me which 2 he believed could be sold as art and that all the others are crap. What seems funny to me is that the 2 pictures he pointed out as art got very little to no attention by the general public.

    So I am still working on what to take to the next show and how to change up the pictures. If you have had any experiences or comments about this topic you can leave me a comment below.