• Winter is a time when many photographers tend to not take many pictures because of leafless trees, poor weather, and short daylight hours; but one thing that can be photographed in bad weather is flowers.

    By purchasing some flowers and setting up a small indoor studio you can create images from the comfort of your home.  I have used our dinner table for this.

    The background can be a piece of cloth or poster-board propped up as a background.  The light can be natural through a window or artificial from lamps.  Watch your color balance when using artificial light so the flower colors do not shift.

    Set the flowers at least a foot in front of your background, if possible, to allow the background to be out of focus.  I have used small reflectors or white poster-board to reflect some light when I have one light source.

    A macro lens would allow you to focus in very close on blooms, but a standard telephoto lens can be sufficient for images not close-up.  You may also want to use a tripod because the shutter speed may not be good for handholding.  One nice thing about creating indoors is that there is no wind to move the subject.

    If you enjoy this type of photography, you will find that time will fly by as you experiment and create some new flower pictures.  Below are some flower pictures I have created using my indoor studio.