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            Last week I rented the Sigma 50mm – 500mm lens to try out for a trip next year. I want  to thank Camera Lens Rentals for great service. The Lens did not deliver on time due to the carrier, so Camera Lens Rentals extended my time 1 day and also answered my questions each time I called. Here is a picture of the lens on my Pentax K3 camera body showing the size. This lens is around 4.5 lbs. to hold and takes a little get used to when hand holding.
    medium 50mm  medium 500mm
          I spent most of my time testing out the lens at Walborn Reservoir following after birds, some fishermen in a boat, and scenery. Also went to Wingfoot State Park with a friend for her to check the lens out. There I followed a few birds, the Goodyear blimp, and a scenery picture.
    medium 50mm  medium  500mm
         The lens zoomed very smoothly and I had to remember to lock it down once zoomed to position because the front is heavy enough to creep when pointed up or down. This model must be an older model because the focus ring was a push/pull type for auto-focus or manual focus. The focus ring turned very tight on manual focus not allowing any fast focusing by hand. The auto-focus worked pretty well when I kept the focus sensor on the birds as they flew around. Probably 50% of my bird images where in deceit focus. Being that the wide open aperture is f/4.5-6.3 variable, you will have to bump your ISO some to get enough shutter speed to stop any blur.
          I would highly recommend this lens if you are looking for a medium to extreme zoom lens. But, practice is necessary to become proficient following wildlife.
         Before buying your next expensive piece of equipment, be sure to check out Camera Lens Rentals to see if you will like the way the equipment performs for you.
         Hope you enjoyed this review and please leave any questions or comments below.