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    Today, many experts agree that patients who have art in their environment heal faster.  Scientific evidence shows certain types of art, such as nature images, can actually reduce pain, anxiety, and stress.

    Whether restaurants, medical facilities, or our homes, having nature artwork to look at can help us get through a hectic, rough day.  Taking a few minutes to stop and stare into a nature scene will allow our imagination to transport us into another world that calms us, even if for a few minutes.

    With Christmas ahead, just under one month away, there is no better time than now to invest in a nature photography scene for you, a friend, and/or relative.

    Over at my website there are several galleries of a limited number of pictures to show a sampling of my work.  Below the pictures is a button you can click on to see more images and make purchases.

    This season, give the gift of health and healing by giving a nature photograph.