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    You are out and set up to take a horizontal picture of a nature scene with your camera.  After getting that shot, you notice that the scene may have a vertical shot as well.  You loosen your ball-head on your tripod and swing your camera and lens down to a vertical position with the camera hanging off to one side.  Suddenly you realize that you have to raise your tripod to get the same perspective where it was for the horizontal shot.  Taking longer than needed, you miss the vertical picture because the light was changing rapidly.


    Several years ago I started using an L-bracket which mounts to your camera and then attaches to the tripod head.  This bracket allows you to take a picture horizontal and then just release it from the tripod head and flip and mount it on the side for a vertical shot (see pictures below).  Below are a few advantages to using an L-bracket:

    • Keeps the camera and lens weight centered over the center of the tripod legs for best
    • Quickly change from horizontal to vertical without much adjustment.

    IMG_1096   IMG_1095


    Not every photographer needs an L-bracket, depending on their style, but landscape and nature photographers should seriously consider it.  I love having the L-bracket mounted to my camera and would not use the camera on a tripod without one.  If you need to purchase an L-bracket, consider going to Adorama for your purchase.  They have always been good for any of my purchases.  Also, by going through the Adorama link here for your purchase, you will be helping fund my website without any additional cost being added to your purchase.

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