Walborn Park Bench in Winter_4

        This being the middle of winter here in NE Ohio, can pose a few obstacles when creating images of the natural surroundings. A few years back I was working on a self-project creating images of a local park throughout the year, including winter. Some winters here are mild and some are very cold and snowy. This particular one was cold and snowy.

    Here are some things I did while out in the snow:

    1. Dress in layers of clothing – this allows you to unzip or remove something once you get warm when trudging through the snow.

    2. Layer your gloves also – When hiking around scouting out images you need to keep the hands warm, but often this requires thick gloves which can complicate making control adjustments on your camera equipment once you find the image to create.

    3. Always be watching the play of light on objects – Standing water may show reflections that make an interesting image. Also light wrapping around tree trunks is very dimensional forming.

    4. Often times the sky is grey, so you need to look for intimate landscapes that can be created  eliminating the sky.

    5. Play around with motion blur effects with trees in the woods.

    6. Be prepared to get down in the snow if necessary.

    7. Whatever you do, stay as warm as possible.

    8. Keep a cleaning clothe for glasses and lens moisture to be removed easily accessible.

    9. Keep an extra battery or 2 inside your clothing to stay warm – cold batteries discharge quicker than normal.

    10. Keep your camera gear as dry as possible.


    Below are a few images I created in snow.

    Walborn Reservoir Impressions of Trees_8   Walborn Reservoir Pine Grove_13   Walborn Reservoir Tree with Leaves in Winter Walborn Reservoir Creek with Reflection in Winter_1